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How'd We Do?How'd We Do?

Meshé is an amazing individual and a very competent bookkeeper. She is detail oriented and takes note of what the client is requesting. I really enjoy that she is able to take very "accounting" principles and put them into lay terms that allow everyone to fully understand what she has to share. She has worked in non-profit and for profit and the knowledge from both gives her an advantage when sharing information about GAAP and other industry standards she speaks from experience. Her easy going style tends to put people at ease which is difficult when talking about money. I would hire her again and again.

Yvette Diggs

First Christian Church

There are certain people that stand out in my mind when it comes to excellence. Meshé is one of those people. I was impressed with her abilities to quickly understand, utilize, and teach others new material. Her friendly smile, confident manner, and obviously professional nature was greatly appreciated. I was so pleased at how organized, thorough, competent, and communicative Meshé was throughout. 

Susan Souza

Lane Community College

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