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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we hire an independent bookkeeping agency instead of an employee to keep our books?

Though bookkeeping can be a full-time job, most businesses can have their bookkeeping processes streamlined to bring the time and cost down from full-time to 5-20 hours per month. The other overhead costs of hiring an employee (payroll taxes, insurance, sick/vacation time, and downtime) mean your accounting costs will be more efficiently spent on hiring a professional.

What are your business hours?

We do not have set business hours, but we always respond to calls or emails within one business day. Working outside of set business hours means we are known for responding to you on nights, weekends, and holidays. Even if we are "out of the office," we pride ourselves on prompt responses.

Can you come to my office? Where are you located?

We provide virtual bookkeeping services, so our office is wherever you are. We work using cloud accounting software so we can work on your books from any location.

What if all my records are on paper or in another system?

Don't fret! We provide a service for this, as well. Not only can we help you transition to a paperless, cloud-based system, we will always save all documentation related to your records securely online so it can easily be accessed at any time.

Does that mean you can set up my accounting system from scratch?

YES! Just starting out? Let us set up your chart of accounts and customize your files to meet your business needs. We will train you or your designated employee to perform the workflows needed to track your financial performance.

What accounting software do you use?

We use the full suite of QuickBooks products by Intuit (QuickBooks Online, Desktop, Enterprise, and Point of Sale). Already using another software such as Sage, Freshbooks, or Xero? No problem! We have experience in most software applications, so we can seamlessly take over any accounting needs.

Does Number Nerd Accounting prepare tax returns?

At this time, we do not prepare tax returns. We can, however, work closely with your CPA by providing all necessary information upon request.

How much time does an average month of bookkeeping take?

The answer to this question depends on your business. Businesses with multiple bank and credit card accounts with 100+ transactions/month and a third party payroll provider will take longer than a smaller business with one bank account, less than 20 transaction/month and no payroll. The average business that falls in the middle of those examples will take 10 hours/month, but we are happy to customize a quote that fits your business.

What are your service fees?

Our rate varies $40-$80/hour based on company size, number of accounts, complexity of services needed, etc. Clients can also choose a flat rate monthly or project fee, customized and tailored to your business needs. The choice to be billed hourly or at a flat rate is ultimately up to you.

Do you offer a discount for referrals?

Definitely! Depending on what kind of rate plan you are on, you can receive a one-time monthly or project credit of up to 5%.

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