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A Peak Behind the Curtain

Bringing almost a decade of diverse experience across a wide range of industries, Meshé has worked with local small, mid, and large sized businesses. While her focus has been primarily with non-profit agencies, she also has an extensive background in insurance, hospitality, and health organizations, including restaurants, hotels, medical practices, and much more.

Meshé started out nearly 20 years ago in the healthcare industry, working in data entry and medical billing where she grew up in California. Upon moving to Oregon in 2009, the job market forced a pivot back to school. While there, she fell in love with all things accounting. In the last term of earning her healthcare administration degree, she decided to start over and get her accounting degree instead. A dream was born!

Like many around the world, the pandemic shifted things yet again. After working mostly from home as an accountant for multiple agencies so she could be available to her children, she finally made the difficult decision to switch gears permanently. In 2021, Meshé left the security of being an employee in order to go after her dreams of owning her own business. While the unknown is often scary, she has found the experience incredibly rewarding for both her and her family. She enjoys bringing her love of numbers to others, or at the very least, helping others not have to think about the numbers so much.

About Us: Who We Are
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